Quinoa & Chiaseeds

Quinette cookies are not diet cookies, but delicious artisan cookies based on two superfoods: Quinoa and chia seeds. The South American grain type Quinoa contains no gluten, is rich in protein and originates in the high Andes, where it was used by the Incas for cooking years ago. Today, Quinoa is considered to be a select category of 'superfoods' thanks to the exceptionally high nutritional values of the cereals.


Chia seeds, in turn, form an important source of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, Omega3,

proteins and fibers.

Gluten free

Although scientifically only a small part of the population suffers from gluten intolerance, it is no secret that many people often feel better with gluten-free foods. It ensures a less bloated feeling, but without a shortage of important ones cause nutritional values.


The Organic Quinoa Cookies from Quinette are rich in high-quality proteins and therefore fully suitable for vegans! In addition, Quinette cookies contain slow carbs - carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed, keeping your blood sugar levels stable - thanks to the low glycemic index.

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